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Lemuridae - Nosy insect-eating monkey-like folk!

ring tail lemur black and wite ruffed lemur bamboo lemur


Lemur means ghost. A very interesting set of episodes narrates what they are all about; narrated by John Cleese so very well.

It was previously assumed that lemurs originated in Africa. But the 2001 discovery in Pakistan of fossilized lemur teeth suggests that lemurs actually originated in southern Asia. The fossils came from an ancient species of lemur called Bugtilemur mathesoni which shares evolutionary roots with the modern-day dwarf lemur.

What are they Like

Lemurs are prosimian primates that are natives of Madagascar. They are not actually the evolutionary forefathers of apes and monkeys. They are herbivorous, have a long-ranging vision, and a keen sense of smell.

Geographic Distribution

The Comoros Islands and Madagascar are home to lemurs. They usually inhabit tropical and subtropical areas in the aforementioned regions. They are a primarily arboreal(live in trees) species, mainly inhabiting forests.

lemur habitat


Female lemurs reach sexual maturity at 2-3 years of age. During mating season, males compete to breed with females through ""stink fights"". Much like skunks, they have scent glands with which they emit foul-smelling odors to their opponents.

Feeding Habits

Lemurs are herbivorous, feeding on fruits, seeds, plant nectars, flowers, leaves, and the like. Sometimes, they may eat insects or even the eggs of small vertebrates such as lizards. There is a type of lemur called the bamboo lemur which feeds mainly on bamboo shoots.

Species within this family

Palaeopropithecidae(Sloth Lemur)

Lemur catta (Ring-Tailed Lemur)

Eulemur fulvus (Brown Lemur)

Eulemur macaco (Black Lemur)

Eulemur coronatus (Crowned Lemur)

Eulemur rubriventer (Red-Bellied Lemur)

Eulemur albifrons (White-headed Lemur)

Eulemur albocollaris (White-collared Lemur)

Eulemur cinereiceps (Grey-headed Lemur)

Eulemur collaris (Red-Collared Lemur)

Eulemur rufus (Red-Fronted Lemur)

Eulemur sanfordi (Sanford's Lemur)

Eulemur mongoz (Mongoose Lemur)

Hapalemur griseus (Grey Bamboo Lemur)

Hapalemur aureus (Golden Bamboo Lemur)

Hapalemur alaotrensis (Bandro)

Hapalemur occidentalis (Sambirano Lemur)

prolemur simus (Greater Bamboo Lemur)

Varecia rubra (Red-Ruffed Lemur)

Varecia variegata (B & W Ruffed Lemur)