50 tiger reserves of India on one map

Bengal Tiger
By Muhammad Mahdi Karim - Own work, GFDL 1.2, Link

There are quite a few reserves in India where one see Tigers. These fifty reserves that have been created as part of Project Tiger are listed on this map with suggestions for travellers. There is also information here that a traveller will need, for example places to stay and best time to visit, etc.

The reader will notice how most sanctuaries are clustered around particular areas. Let me try and expound on this a bit.

  1. The north and north-eastern states are natural havens for tigers as the Himalayas act as a bit of a deterrent to the invasion of large amounts of people and farming that follows them.
  2. The centre of India is also very rough terrain for farming and so a lot of forest cover exists for large mammals.
  3. The south and west of India is really lush and well-watered terrain around the Western Ghats and so a lot of tigers can be found in that area.

So click on the pug-marks and get transported to these magical and beautiful forests. May you be able to smell their scent in your dreams!



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