Cuvier’s beaked whales – the deep divers

BBC Earth :

A remarkable creature first described by the very vain and very famous Monsieur  Georges Cuvier, as a water owl because it has a goose-like beak, as you can see below.






“In 2014, scientists reported that they had used satellite-linked tags to track Cuvier’s beaked whales off the coast of California, and found the animals dove up to 2,992 m (nearly two miles, 9,816 ft) below the ocean surface and spent up to two hours and 17 minutes underwater before resurfacing, which represent both the deepest and the longest dives ever documented for any mammal.” – Source National Geographic

They can do this because their lungs can completely empty during the dive to prevent bends. However, what exactly are the adaptations for this deep a dive and for so long are not known yet.

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