Five Beautiful Big Cats



The Bengal Tiger has a territory of 70 miles or more and lives off deer and wild boar. Populations have shrunk to 2500 individuals across very fragmented populations in the Indian Subcontinents.

The Lions of Masai Mara look like they are thriving but such local populations which come under constant contact with humans are always in danger of disease or poaching.

African Leopards are holding their own in the wild. Did you know that their rosettes are the color of the surroundings? Desert leopards are lighter than forest dwellers. They are brilliant at camouflage and can remain unnoticed while in touching distance.

The Cheetah are by far the fastest animal on land, clocking 0 to 100 km per hour in three seconds. They still have to stalk the gazelle because they can’t maintain this pace for very long.

The Snow Leopard is in severe danger as its territory is slowly overtaken by humans. This beautiful animal has very thick fur as it is usually found high in the Himalayas. It’s tail is especially furry as is used to protect it’s nose and mouth from the extreme cold.

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