Sardinian Pika : Gone extinct

May 17, 2017 mammal 0

The Sardinian Pika (Prolagus sardus), used to live on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica. It was bigger than a rabbit and slightly smaller than a Pika. This genus evolved on these islands and like other such species was not very numerous to begin with. However, with the coming of […]

Pig-footed Bandicoot

Pig-Footed Bandicoot – Gone Down under!

April 4, 2017 mammal 0

The Pig-Footed Bandicoot or Chaeropus ecaudatus, is supposed to have gone extinct with the last sighting  in 1921. They differed from other bandicoots in that they had a caecum ( a little organ before the large intestine designed to digest cellulose, mainly found in low-nutrient vegetation like grasses). They also ran unlike other […]

Numbat: The Dimunitive Carnivore

March 19, 2017 mammal 0

This little creature, also called walputi or banded anteater, is the only surviving member of the Family  Myrmecobiidae. This is one of the four families that make up the order Dasyuromorphia, the Australian marsupial carnivores. It is an endangered species and is protected in Australia. As you can see in the picture, this […]