What are Mammals

January 31, 2017 mammal 0

Mammals are different from other classes ( Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians) in the following crucial ways 1. They have mammary glands 2. They have different types of teeth( called heterodonty) to chew their food. 3. They have hair which is quite different from Reptiles. 4. An enlarged brain with a […]


Soledenon: mammals with venomous teeth!

January 24, 2017 mammal 0

Solenodons are quite amazing mammals because they have poisonous teeth. They are almost as old as the earliest mammals (78 million years) and have mammary glands near their buttocks. Some solenodons have a ball and socket joint to increase the flexibility of the snout for foraging invertebrates. They belong to […]

dancing on toenails

January 20, 2017 mammal 0

Did you know that horses walk on their toenails. Over time, for swiftness of foot, the horse has had it’s toes fused together with only the nail of the middle toe forming the hoof on which it stands. This holds true for it’s cousins, the asses and zebras of the […]

who are the proboscidae?

January 16, 2017 mammal 0

Proboscis means pronounced nose. And brother do elephants have them!! We have only a few species now that belong in this order of mammals. The African elephant which is larger and has a pronounced saddle back. The Asian is slightly smaller with a rounded back. Can you believe that their […]

Narwhals pay for the legend of the Unicorn.

January 14, 2017 mammal 1

The Narwhals are whales, and so are classified within the Order Cetartiodactyla (even-toed) of mammals. The interesting thing they have is a tusk ( really a long canine) coming out from their mouth that looks exactly like the fabled Unicorn’s horn. Research videos have come out that they use this tusk […]

A clutch of cute Primates

January 14, 2017 mammal 0

I am always amazed at how primates with their tiny, quite helpless young, have managed to thrive in the hostile surroundings that they inhabit! Can you believe how tiny this little baby mouse lemur is? What about these pygmy Marmosets?  They are fully five inches long when adult. They live […]