Sloths: Being one is no sin whatever you may think

July 23, 2017 mammal 0

Of all the anthropomorphic garbage that gets hurled at innocent species, perhaps the sloths are most sinned against. There are two families Megalonychidae (“two-toed” sloths) and Bradypodidae (three-toed sloths).  All actually have three toes but the former have only two visible fingers. This group belongs to the superorder Xenarthra, a group of mammals that evolved in South […]

Silky Anteater

The Silky Anteater – Sleeping Safely out here!

April 7, 2017 mammal 0

The silky anteater, or pygmy anteater, (Cyclopes didactylus) is the only  living species in the genus Cyclopes and the family Cyclopedidae. It is the tiniest of ant-eaters, fitting easily in the palm of your hand and weighing less than a pound. It spends almost all it’s short two-year life span in the […]