The elusive Togo Mouse

Togo Mouse

In 1890,during the colonization of the Togo, there was found a new species of mouse. It was named the Leimacomyis buettneri or more often called the Togo Mouse. The species was rare even then as only two individuals were part of the sample. However, these were put into a new genus Leimacominae, of the family Muridae(Rats and Mice), within the order Rodentia.

The animal is not very distinguished. It is mostly brown with fawn flanks and has hairy ears and also slightly hairy feet. The tail is naked and short. Based on its teeth, it looks like it survives on eating insects.

Based on lack of other specimen over the years it is to be assumed that this species is on the verge of extinction. The various expedition in the forest around the region have had no success. However, local inhabitant have identified this creature and they call it “Yefuli“. The probable cause of their rarity is de-forestation and hunting for meat by the local folk. The area in which they live is not very accessible so it can be hoped that some local populations have have survived, and like other Murids, even thrive as you read this piece.

The ecosystems around our precious planet are very delicate and even small nondescript species matter.

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  1. My name is Ana Denman and I assist the communications team at Global Wildlife Conservation with special projects. This past April GWC launched a campaign called The Search for Lost Species where we collaborated with more than 100 scientists to compile a list of 1,200 species of animals and plants that are missing to science. From this list we teased the top 25 “most wanted” species in the world. This campaign hopes to not only bring attention to the global loss of biodiversity but also will raise funds for expeditions to actually search for these lost species.

    In addition to our Top 25, the Small Mammal Specialist Group has submitted its list of top 10 lost small mammals for our Search for Lost Species website (which will be up ASAP). Included in the list is the Togo Mouse. I found your cute illustration and was wondering if we could use it on our website? You will be fully credited for your work.

    Many thanks,

    • Hello Ana.
      Please go ahead and use whatever else you want from this website. If you have blogs you want to post here, that is welcome too. I also would love to contribute to your work in anyway( for free of course). If you need help with your website or want to post donation banners on, I would gladly do that.

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