Top 5 Mammals for February 2017

The month of February 2017 saw many fabulous pictures come my way. Courtesy of Getty images, here are a few interesting mammals and some interesting trivia about them.

The Rocky Mountain Elk is an even-toed ungulate of the deer family. The male has antlers that they shed each year. Females give birth every fall. The calves are born spotted for camouflage against predator but lose them by the summer.

The Arctic Wolf is a sub-species of the grey wolf. The habitat has been shrinking all over their arctic terrain. With the passage of the War on Wolves Act, we may see all wolves be in danger again. Although we need such predators to keep a tab on the hare and deer populations, the pressure from cattle ranchers and oil men too often rules the day.

The Lion Tailed Macaque is found in the Western Ghats region of Southern India. It’s tail truly does resemble a lion and it has a very beautiful silver mane. They are endangered due to habitat destruction and no more than 3000 to 4000 individuals are known to be found.

The Red Howler Monkey has the loudest calls among any animal in the Americas. As you can see above, the voice sac is quite large and the protruding lips help amplify the sound.  They can sleep up to 15 hours a day and are known to be good swimmers.

The Three toed sloth has such a lovely beatific smile. It’s hard not to like it. This is the only “green” mammal because algae grows on it’s fur. They are built to live in tree and spend about 15 hours a day sleeping. They make doing as little as possible, as slowly as possible into an art form. Something is truly Zen about this wonderful creature.

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