who are the proboscidae?

Proboscis means pronounced nose. And brother do elephants have them!!

We have only a few species now that belong in this order of mammals. The African elephant which is larger and has a pronounced saddle back. The Asian is slightly smaller with a rounded back. Can you believe that their closest living relatives are the hyraxes and manatees!


Some grand pictures of the African with two sub-species

Savannah Elephant

Loxodonta Africana        

and the forest elephant

loxodonta cyclotis       loxodonta cyclotis


In Asia, there are three main sub-species:

The Indian Elephant

elephas maximus indicus

The Sri Lankan Elephant

elephas maximus maximus

and the Sumatran Elephant

elephas maximus sumatranus


In bygone eras this order has included several different types of creatures like the mastodons


and mammoths



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