Wild Asses of Gujarat

Wild Asses
By Sballal - Own work, GFDL, Link

In Rann of Kutch, lives an ass. No, no, I am not out to insult the good people of Gujarat, there does indeed live a beautiful animal related to horses, in this rather tough habitat. There is limited grazing; massive salt marshes; and a rather tenuous supply of water.







Even so, the  Indian or Baluchi wild ass (Equus hemionus khur) also called the ghudkhur in Gujarati, has a range from Sindh in Pakistan to all parts of the Great Rann of Kutch, pictured below.


This is rather inhospitable terrain, what with the disputed borders, heat and lack of good water resources. However, these animals are quite well adapted to it.  Their fur has adapted to the hot weather by covering the whole body and not being too thick. They change their skin color according to the season to keep a constant body temperature(quite like arctic creatures do).

Predators can see them from rather far away so they can clock up to 80 kms an hour to outrun them. They are the fastest ass or donkey on this earth. I daresay, they could even outrun a Cheetah.

They are listed as a near threatened species by the IUCN. Their habitat is threatened by grazing animals and salt production facilities combined with increasing population pressures. They number around 5,000 animals in the wild at this time. There are plans afoot to establish more populations in the Indian state of Rajasthan.Male Wild Ass


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